Did Georgetown experience a crime spike this July?

Georgetown Metropolitan crunched the numbers from the Metropolitan Police Department and that certainly seems to be the case.  According to GM’s calculations, there were 30 percent more crimes committed in Georgetown during this July than July 2008.  The numbers are concerning to residents because while thefts (which generally mean shoplifting) were about level, burglaries and robberies went way up

There are some mitigating factors, though, as GM pointed out in a follow-up post today.  Part of the reason why crime this July seems to high compared to last year is that July 2008 actually had abnormally low crime levels.  Still, crime was higher in Georgetown this July than it was in May or June:

Graph from GM

Is this trend holding for the University, too?  It’s hard to know because DPS hasn’t updated their Daily Crime Log [PDF] for awhile, but it looks that way.

As of July 22nd—the last day DPS has an entry recorded—there were 23 incidents reported for July.  There were only 18 incidents reported for the entire month of May and 19 in June.  Plus, we have seen some suspicious crime sprees in the Southwest Quad this month.

We’ll let you know how the final numbers add up once DPS updates their Crime Log!

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