Want to know the inner workings of the Corp? Boy have we got the blog for you!

The Back Hallway

While we were busy covering start-ups like the Hoya Insider and the Georgetown University Examiner, we missed some great blogging action that’s been going on from a major Georgetown institution: the Corp.

You won’t find it under the blog section of their newly redesigned website, but Ryan Callahan (SFS ’10) has quietly been chronicling his adventures as Corp CEO at The Back Hallway since February.  Posts are fairly infrequent, but when he writes them, they tend to be pretty insightful.

According to its inaugural post, Callahan started the blog with the hopes of giving Corpies insight into what it’s like to have a leadership position and making the Corp more accountable to the wider Georgetown community.

In the past few months he’s written about how the Board of Directors works, the challenges posed by the introduction of on campus competitors like Starbucks and Cosi, the great bagel switch, the future of the DPAC cafe and more.

Speaking of intenet increasing transparency of campus organizations: oh my, what hath yesterday’s Tweetacular wrought?

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