Remix Your Weekend: Love Games

Oh to be a Pop Diva

After a disappointing week from the folks at AudioPornCentral, I’ve been forced to post up a remix I’ve been sitting on for a couple weeks now: a bombtastic revamping of Lady Gaga’s Love Game.

Party Rock takes the scandalously seductive Love Game (I think Disco-Stick is one of the best euphemisms for a man’s business I’ve heard in some time) speeds it up, throws down some hawt house beatz, and adds LMFAO as the sensitive male counterpart to Miss. Gaga’s out-of-control horny club goddess persona. The two opposites work nicely together as LMFAO pines away that, “girls want my body but not my mind,” whereas Gaga just wants to, “take a ride on [his] disco-stick.”

It’s no secret that female power pop dance club hits are my guilty pleasure, and this song is on the top of my list. Say what you will about Gaga as a pop idol, this song, after going through Party Rock’s fantastic mixers, will still knock even the most pop-critical hipster into auditory submission as their feet start kickin’ and their clothes come off.

Stay tuned for next week, I’ll probably be posting a couple end-of-the-summer mellow mixes to calm every one down before the craziness of school starts, plus they’re always good for the end of the night songs when people just want to chill.

Over and out.

Lady Gaga (ft. LMFAO) – Love Game (Party Rock Remix)

6 Comments on “Remix Your Weekend: Love Games

  1. the link wont work for me, do i have to be a member of that site to download it?
    post on a site where they dont require membership?

  2. Thanks, Casual Observer.
    (The link will be updated with the link C.O. provided until Scott finds one.)

  3. Sorry about this guys, I’m on vacay and have very little computer time, so I had to rush it through and failed to double check the link, it shouldn’t be membership only? But I dropped the ball either way, here is another download link I’ve scrounged up and we will update the links in the post soon enough. Sorry again all.

  4. I’m just curious – do y’all ever get concerned about posting whole audio files on a university-owned server? I’m all for it. I was just wondering if people ever worried.

  5. These are all links to other blogs that have posted the files on their own servers. I do not personally upload any of these files, nor does Vox Populi host any MP3s, I am simply pointing people in the direction of good remixes and mash-ups that I have found in my countless (and usually wasted) hours surfing for new music. Thanks for the concern, hopefully that clears it up.

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