More details about GUSA’s subsidized LSAT prep course

As we mentioned last time we checked in with the GUSA President Calen Angert (MSB ’11), GUSA has been busy this summer setting up a subsidized LSAT practice course. According to Angert’s Chief of Staff Tim Swenson (COL ’10), the program is ready to start accepting applications, and a schoolwide email about it should be going out today. So what’s the deal exactly?

According to Swenson, the program, which is being co-sponsored by the Career Center, will offer students (specifically Juniors and Seniors, although underclassmen can apply) a chance to take an LSAT prep class on the cheap.

For $50, you’ll get eight two-hour sessions with Tom Xosa, a professional LSAT tutor. The class will be starting in mid-September and is designed for students planning to take the LSAT in December.

Applications are online now at GUSA’s website; the deadline to fill yours out is August 21st.

Update 1:45 p.m. According to Swenson, this year’s class will have between 25 to 30 students (GUSA and Xosa wanted to keep it relatively small so that students will be able to get personal attention).  Depending on how successful this program is, GUSA might expand it in the future and might offer subsidized training courses for other tests like the MCAT, GMAT and GRE.

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11 Comments on “More details about GUSA’s subsidized LSAT prep course

  1. Hooray for GUSA! I wish they had had this when I was an undergrad, now I’m spending out the wazoo for LSAT prep.

    Juniors and seniors, take advantage of this GUSA program while you still can! GUSA, good work setting up a program with tangible benefits for students. More affinity discounts would be right up your alley to organize.

  2. Another knock out of the park for GUSA, hot off the heals of the Summer Fellows program. LSAT tutoring at $3.12 an hour! Any idea how many spots in total there are?

    Great job, Tim, Calen & Jason.

  3. I do not want to be a Debbie-Downer here, I can’t help but have mixed feelings about this. This is a great option for inexpensive tutoring, but shouldn’t this be aimed at students who would be unable to get tutoring alone? Part of the success of Summer Fellows is giving opportunities to students that would not have them otherwise. Taking the LSAT, (or any other big test) is extremely expensive – and the help should be given to those that need it most.

  4. Hey Hoya:

    Great comment and something worth mentioning. The LSAT class is geared toward those students who might not otherwise afford the more expensive options. Much like Summer Fellows we are trying to create more opportunities to those who may not otherwise have them. All are absolutely invited to apply however and financial considerations will be one of several factors. It’s the reason we ask about financial aid in the application in addition to providing a scholarship to those who may not be able to afford the registration fee. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

    Tim Swenson

  5. this is an excellent idea. so many people apply to law school out of georgetown that there will definitely be demand for it and i can say from personal experience that LSAT classes can be extraordinarily expensive. i’m paying $1,300 for my Kaplan class. i’m lucky in that my parents are willing and able to pay for these things for me, but this class is such a great opportunity for people who don’t have those financial resources.

  6. Well done Calen, Jason, and Tim. This is a really, really, great idea.

  7. Excellent program–a great start for the new GUSA administration. Out of curiosity, how much is this costing GUSA? What’s the Career Center’s contribution?

  8. Hey Sam:

    Cost of the program to the student body and GUSA is nothing actually. After working it all out Mr. Xosa graciously offered to teach the course at the cost of registration. A portion of the money will go to Mr. Xosa and the rest will be used for scholarships to those who might not be able to afford the cost of registration. As far as the Career Center, we basically pitched the idea to them in May and they were really excited about it and helped us on the administrative side, such as working with us to get the licensing agreement from the LSAC to use official LSAT questions.

  9. Thanks GUSA! I took the LSAT course and it was WAY better than the the Kaplan class.

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