Prefrosh Preview: Reviewing your restaurant options

Once you’ve mastered the fine art of dining at Leo’s, you’ll probably be looking for some more varied fare. Vox has a couple of resources to help introduce you to Georgetown’s culinary scene.

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First, we’ve compiled a map of restaurants the Voice has reviewed (above, but better viewed in its own window). There are a lot of places on there, so to help you narrow it down, we’ve also come up with the following list of Georgetown’s dining highlights. Neither is totally comprehensive, but they should give you a good start.

Best Argument for Multiculturalism: Snap

  • Serving up crepes, paninis and bubble tea, you get to reap the rewards of this little restaurant’s identity confusion issues.

Best Burrito, Tuesdays through Sundays: Chipotle

Best Burrito, Mondays: Qdoba

  • Although Chipotle is generally accepted as the superior make-your-own Mexican chain on M St., the tables turn on Mondays when Qdoba offers its Half Price Nights. Every Monday you can get 1,000+ calories worth of burrito and a soda for under $4.

Best Caffeine: $1 Sodas from the Corp

Best Chinese Place You’ll Walk by 50 Times without Noticing: Harmony Cafe

Best Place to Convince Yourself Fro-Yo is a Health Food: Sweetgreen

  • Started a few years ago by three young Georgetown grads, this environmentally-friendly salad shack also sells “Sweetflow,” a tart frozen yogurt you can top with fruit or other goodies.

Best Crepes: Cafe Bonaparte

Best Date Night: Bistro Francais (For other other options, check out this article)

Best Delivery Resource:

  • CampusFood used to be a godsend for students who were sick of Leo’s but didn’t want to deal with actually calling a restaurant. It’s declined quite a bit recently—many restaurants no longer allow you to order through them and they’ve added a “service” fee—but it’s still a good resource if you’re looking for a centralized list of menus and hours for Georgetown’s delivery options.

Best Hole in the Wall: Moby Dick

  • What it lacks in atmosphere it more than makes up for with its flavorful kabobs.

Best Hookah: Zenobia Lounge

  • Nicer—and significantly less expensive—than the competition, Prince Cafe.

Best Italian: Filomena

Best Place for Last Minute Party Supplies: Vittles

Best Leo’s Alternative: Wismiller’s

  • Wisey’s cheap, addicting sandwiches, available mere blocks away from campus, are your best option if you find yourself unable to handle yet another lackluster Leo’s meal. Its Chicken Madness—chicken breast, provolone cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, sweet and hot peppers, and onions—is a Georgetown institution in and of itself.

Best Mini-mall Duo: Pho 75 and Ray’s Hell Burger

Old Unreliable: Bangkok Bistro

  • What used to be a consistent source of delicious Thai food has become extremely hit and miss over the past year. Bangkok offers steep discounts for birthdays, so expect to attend lots of celebratory dinners here. Luckily its sit-down meals are generally more predictable than its delivery.

Best Thai Alternative: Basil Thai

Most Over-hyped: Georgetown Cupcake

  • The darling of the cupcakery scene, its offerings are good, but not worth the price or lengthy wait.

Most Overshadowed: Baked & Wired

  • Georgetown Cupcake may get all the love, but if Baked & Wired is good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for you.

Best Pizza (Sober): Pizzeria Paradiso

Best Pizza (Drunk): Philadelphia Pizza

  • Open until 3:30 a.m. during the weekend, Philly P pairs $3 jumbo slices with all the ranch dressing and loitering drunk co-eds you could ever want. Inebriated, you’ll swear it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever tasted; sober, it’s significantly less of a revelation.

Best Pizza (Delivery): Ledo’s

Best Seafood on the Cheap: Tackle Box

Best Place to Spot Boldface Names: Cafe Milano

Most Thoroughly Georgetown: The Tombs

  • Does the Tombs have the greatest food? No, not really. Is it worth the price? No, probably not (although you can get some good deals between 3 and 5 p.m. on weekdays during Study Snacks). But the Tombs does have something going for it: most Georgetown school spirit per square inch. From the 99 Days club to venturing there on your 21st to get your first legal stamp (in the middle of your forehead), the Tombs itself is a huge part of campus life. Plus, who can say no to the real-life St. Elmo’s Fire?

18 Comments on “Prefrosh Preview: Reviewing your restaurant options

  1. how is booey’s not on here?!

    kudos for mentioning harmony cafe and for bashing gtown cupcake, though.

  2. Best Bulk Pizza Option / Best Late Night Pizza Option: 5-5-5 deal from Dominos, 3 medium pizzas for 5 bucks!

    Bonus tip: There’s no limit to how many you can get. The number of times my roommates and I have ordered the 5-5-5-5-5-5-5 deal… I don’t even know.

    Dominos pizza is pretty good, and the price/volume is unbeatable.

  3. Gotta love the $1 Cokes from the Corp. Cheapest place to get them on campus.

  4. Finally, some love for Baked & Wired. Beats Gtown Cupcake any day.

  5. Wow! Love the map – huge number of restaurant reviews.

  6. I have to disagree on the late-night pizza as well. Tuscany Cafe on Prospect has a better slice according to me and most people I’ve eaten there with both drunk and sober, and it’s actually still $3 for a slice of cheese. In spite of what this post says, the slice at Philly is now $3.25. You don’t want to have to deal with quarters and long lines of bros when you’re drunk, and at Tuscany they have real plates and tables where you can sit down like a somewhat civilized person. That’s not to say there won’t be good drunk-people watching; it’s actually better at Tuscany. And the staff is kinda weird and funny and will often forget to ask you for your money.

  7. I was going to weigh in on the pizza debate–Tuscany’s is pretty good. I think there was a lot of anti-Tuscany sentiment because it took the place of a Chinese restaurant everyone liked. Anyone who remembers that place has graduated, though, so now we can be honest about Tuscany’s deliciousness.

  8. I second the love for $1 Cokes (not just the cheapest on campus but cheapest 20 ouncers you’ll find anywhere) and Dominos. Dominos always gives out a crapload of coupons so besides the 5-5-5 deal you can almost always get a large pizza for under 8 bucks.

  9. I agree – Tuscany is great, and the guys who run it are nice. The chinese place that was there before rocked, but I think Tuscany is good enough to take its place.

  10. I’m with Jack — Tuscany is vastly superior to Philly’s. The pizza is cheaper, the staff a lot nicer, and now, it’s even closer. Oh, and the pizza is better.

  11. I live on Tuscany. so much so that the guys now know when I call and know my order. And I got a free Tiramisu cake when I ate there for my birthday. Tuscany FTW.

  12. I would argue that the best pizza is 2 Amy’s in Friendship Heights; just take the 38 or 36 (I think) from Wisconsin (in front of the Gap) down to Macomb Street. 2 Amy’s has a selection of pizzas licensed D.O.T. for which they import all their ingredients from Italy. Pizzeria Paradiso has nothing on it, save for its absolutely superb beer selection for those old enough to imbibe.

  13. I have to vote Surfside for Burritos etc, slightly pricier, but way tastier… also higher quality + alcohol and roof deck…

    However I thoroughly agree with Pizzeria Paradiso, B&W, Tackle Box and Moby Dick

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