Remix Your Weekend: End of summer blues

As summer stumbles to a close, and weeks of binge drinking wine at the beach inevitably turn into weeks spent poring over books in Lau, personally I start listening to mellower music, mentally and physically preparing for the onslaught of the school year.

To fulfill your chilled out remix needs I’ve got two perfect tracks: an awesome edit of Nancy Sinatra’s “Sugar Town”, and a little remix of Database and the French Horn Rebellion.

You may remember “Sugar Town” as the song that Zoey Deschanel uses to serenade Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the indie film to see 500 Days of Summer.

This edit by Sacha Di Manolo takes the care-free pinings of Ms. Sinatra and adds the occasional back-drop vocal samplings that give the song its new title, “Trouble Bubble Piano.” This track is perfect for long soaks at the beach, pool, or deck, and does wonders to precipitate a calm end-of-summer nap.

The second song is a fun remix of Database and French Horn Rebellion entitled “Beaches and Friends” from Database’s new EP (A collaboration with French Horn Rebellion). As you can imagine this is another end of the summer anthem to be listened in your car, windows rolled down, music blaring.

The Twelves’ remix keeps it real and takes the track back to the 70’s with some disco strum-lines that make heads bump and feet tap the ground in unison. Personally, I like The Twelves’ remix better than Hey Champ’s, but you can be the judge yourself.

As always, download these babies, go spend some final quiet days on Healy lawn if you’re lucky enough to be around our splendid campus, or get some R&R at home before you have to deal with the insanity that will be the first few weeks of school.

Nancy Sinatra – Trouble Bubble Piano (Sugar Town Edited by Sacha Di Manolo)

Database vs. French Horn Rebellion – Beaches and Friends (The Twelves Remix)

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