Report by Fire Department and WASA says GU’s fire hydrants need “special attetion”

Fire Hydrant

A recent report lists 34 locations in the District that the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority and the Fire & EMS Department have identified as having fire hydrants that need “special attention”—and Georgetown University is on that list, according to WUSA9.

According to the WUSA9 article, there are a variety of potential reasons why the University is on the list; possibilities include small water mains, hydrant configuration, topography, access, and the possibility of private hydrants not regulated by WASA.

[DC Fire & EMS Department spokesman Pete] Piringer says if your neighborhood or building is on the list there is no need to panic. He says the fire department has put plans in place to make sure there is an adequate water supply to fight fires.

The list was compiled after firefighters had difficulty suppressing a recent fire on Chain Bridge Road due to low water pressure in nearby hydrants. Hydrant problems also resulted in extra damage when the Georgetown Public Library caught fire a couple years ago.

Georgetown isn’t the only local university to make “special attention” list—Catholic, Gallaudet, Howard’s Law School and George Washington’s Mount Vernon campus are on it as well.

Via Georgetown Metropolitan. Photo from Flickr user Shannon Coffey, used under a Creative Commons license.

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  1. Your headline needs special attetion, whatever that is.

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