Twuesday Tweetacular: Back to book buying

Why doesn't the GU Bookstore website have ISBNs? Just one of the many reasons I don't shop there, but it makes it hard to find French texts.Whitney McAniff wasn’t pleased with the Georgetown bookstore’s ISBN offerings.

Total price of all books from Bookstore: $425.40. My goal for online book shopping: $250. Let the bargain hunting commence!Fitz Lufkin had high hopes for his thrifty shopping skills.

Harvard is launching a menswear line. I feel like Georgetown would be better at it. G-town, get on it. Kaiser thinks Georgetown should follow Harvard’s lead and explore the wonderful world of menswear.

8 pm mass in Dahlgren is moving to 7:30 pm. I'm officially an old alumnus. #sadgeorgetownalumNew Mass times made Greg Zlotnick feel old.

Getting a jambo slice at tuscany. Philly p is no good now that they've moved, I feel so betrayed...@goldeen yeah the change in philly pizza is like the herald of the end of my childhood or some shit. i do like tuscany tho even if it replaced chuu'sKelsey Ryan and Jack Harrison mused about the changing world of Georgetown jumbo slice vendors.

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4 Comments on “Twuesday Tweetacular: Back to book buying

  1. re: books
    Here’s the proper scheme:

    Buy your books from the bookstore right now, and scan them. Then, exercise your option to return them for full value. I saved myself $300 this way and it took about 20 hours of my time. Sure, it’s illegal, but it’s undetectable – and as you sit there scanning one page at a time you gain an appreciation for destroying the wealth of the shareholders of the textbook racket. Bonus points for uploading your hard work to a site like or seeding it as a torrent.

  2. @ a person: wow, i admire your dedication and envy your copious amounts of free time.

    for those of you who don’t have the time to scan a 500-page bio textbook, though, i suggest using it compares prices from all the major textbook websites. there are also some sites that rent out books, though i don’t remember specific URLs.

  3. I could do about 100 pages in 40 minutes so scanning a 500 page book would not be bad at all… I even got interrupted at times so it is possible to get through it even quicker once you get a good rhythm going.

    But I can understand that people might not be this hardcore (though I dispute that it is very hardcore at all, as essentially you are hiring yourself for a solid hourly rate).

    The best sites are amazon and half for buying, and the best site for buyback is probably (which is itself owned by amazon – free shipping label and a far, far better deal than selling your junk back to the bookstore at the end of the semester).

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