Concert Calendar: The Points, Collective Soul, These United States

439255763_lSing along with scary looking musicians at The Points show!


The Points will be performing live at the DC9 nightclub for only $10. These guys will be releasing their Beat in Hell 7” while putting on one hell of a show. Imagine the onslaught of Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, or any band John Reis was in, than crank the tempo and the gain and the aggression and you’ve got a small idea of what to expect from these guys: true, good, garage punk. Better yet, supporting acts The Ubangis and The Electricutions will make sure to rip it live too.


A randomly contrived assortment of bands will be performing this Sunday at The Black Cat. The three bands (Nunchucks, Drink Up Buttercup, and Loose Lips) each spill from the same river of odd renditions of rock music, but each handle their flow very differently. Loose Lips resurrects that ambiguous post-punk genre, but manages to add their own odd spin to things. Nunchucks are grimy, but upbeat, dudes that could have played at some groovy high school dance a few decades ago. And Drink Up Buttercup is psychedelically charming to say the least. Best yet, is that this whole one night package will only cost you $10! Beat the recession!


Typically, people know about the big shows going on in DC. And by that I mean, anything playing at the 9:30 Club where tickets go for $25 or over, seeing as they’re the best publicized shows. But I feel like Collective Soul deserves mentioning, as it seems they’ve disappeared from everyone’s thoughts. Maybe fans have grown tired, but that isn’t stopping this 90’s rockers for putting together a new album and a new tour. So if you can’t get enough of “Shine” and wonder what exactly they’re doing now, they’ll be at the 9:30 Club; tickets will be $25.


On August 29th, expect to experience something fairly new. If you’re up for it, These United States play a brand of americana/folk/rock that meshes together like Andrew Bird, Calexico, and The Band. In the three years since they’re formation, not only have they found themselves onto esteemed festivals like South by Southwest, CMJ, and Glastonbury, but they’ve also managed to play over 400 shows in these United States, the UK, and throughout Europe. Check them out at the Black Cat with Hoots & Hellmouth for $10 advance or $12 at the door.

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