Information booth at the front gate being taken over by DPS


Starting this year, the booth at the front gate will no longer be serving as an information station. Instead, it’s being used by the Department of Public Safety.

According to a student who worked in the information booth, the gatehouse’s approximately seven student staffers recently received an email informing them that they’re now unemployed. They were also encouraged to apply for other positions with the Office of Communication.

In an email, Georgetown’s Director of Media Relations Andy Pino assures us that although DPS will using booth, clueless campus visitors won’t be left to their own devices:

The Sough Gatehouse has been transitioned to the Department of Public Safety to assist in their on campus community policing efforts. Visitors to campus will still be able to request campus maps and information at the gatehouse.

No word on what impact his will have on the DPS car permanently stationed outside the front gates…

Photo by Helen Burton.

5 Comments on “Information booth at the front gate being taken over by DPS

  1. I went to Georgetown for four years and never even knew there were people in the booth. I thought it WAS staffed by DPS!

  2. Matt, I’m with you. I always thought it was a DPS operation.

  3. I don’t think I ever went there, and I have often been asked directions to places when around the front gates. Which leads me to think no one else knew about it either. As much as it would suck to get an email saying I was unemployed, I do get the impression that working there must have involved sitting on chair doing nothing for the entire shift.

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