Remix Your Weekend: The Hood Internet

For a kid who admittedly loves the bigotry of crunk rap almost as much as the tender melodies of indie-pop, the mash-ups of The Hood Internet, for the most part, provide the perfect amount of genre-bending.

The three Hood tracks that I’m posting this week exemplify the crazy skillz that Chicago-duo Aaron Brink and Steve Reidell have for mashing musical polar opposite into pure awesomeness.

The first track that caught my attention was a wondrous mixing of Beirut’s The Concubine and Ghost Face’s Save Me Dear. At first glance this pairing may seem more than a little absurd: bad boy former Wu-Tang member Ghost Face on top of the accordion laced instrumental of a Beirut song—impossible. Do not be so quick to judge. These songs, for whatever reason, meld perfectly together under the graceful touch of The Hood Internet.

Number two on the list combines indie-stars Matt & Kim’s new(-ish) Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare with The Beastie Boys’ Shake Your Rump. Another unlikely combo that Brink and Reidell turn into a pop-anthem tribute through some form of ancient magic now known to only the Chicago DJ group.

The final mash hits us with Dead Prez and Grizzly Bear. Following the same course as all The Hood Internet’s mash-ups, this track blends together swimmingly to say the least. (By the end of the song I challenge you to not bump your head and sing along with Mr. Prez saying, “Hipppp hopppp hippp hopppp”).

You can check out all The Hood Internet mash-ups at their web-site. They are constantly updating it with new tid-bits, so copy that bad boy onto your Google-reader to ensure you don’t miss a beat. I’ll have some more get-up-and-dance party beatz next week, until then DL these tracks, and enjoy the waning days of summer!

Good Ol’ Fashion Rump Shaker (Matt&Kim Vs. The Beastie Boys) – The Hood Internet

Save Me Concubine (Beirut Vs. Ghost Face Killah) – The Hood Internet

Two Weeks Of Hip-Hop (Grizzly Bear Vs. Dead Prez) – The Hood Internet

7 Comments on “Remix Your Weekend: The Hood Internet

  1. The video is superbly put together, I went into it a little skeptical ’cause usually tracks titled like that (x vs y vs z vs a vs b vs c) blow pretty hard, this one wasn’t too bad though. (If Jdyjonkt replaced the She-wolf instrumental with something a little more intense, and I would go absolutly ape-shit over this track)

  2. The Ghostface cut is nice — special, too, because it’s so unlike something RZA would have ever produced for him. It’s Ghostface, btw, not “Ghost Face.” And he’s not a former member of the Wu; he is currently their most prolific solo artist.

  3. Mea culpa on the space, clerical error. I love it (and most mash-ups) for the exact same reasons, it’s so unusual and yet works together so well.

    I wrestled with whether to call him a former, insinuating that Wu-Tang clan as a group really fell apart post-ODB (even 8 Diagrams includes previously recorded matierial from Dirty), or current member. Even when they tour these days they usually call it a re-union tour, but there are points that bolster each argument I’m sure. (Apparently there is a chance of a new Wu-ish album coming out in early 2010)

    Regardless, I’m glad you like it.

  4. The Discovery v. OJ da Juiceman mashup they do is ace, too.
    O ya, and that R. Kelly v. Broken Social Scene one.

  5. Lovin’ both those tracks too, I watched a music video someone made for the R. Kelly one, and I couldn’t help but think that a) he was a goober for wearing those Calvin Harris-esq Fly-Eyed specs, and b) an ass for peeing on that girl.
    Heres the video for those who care:

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