Georgetown YouTube Madness: Activism

Georgetown YouTube Madness

In last week’s Georgetown YouTube Madness bracket, speeches, curmudgeonly atheists narrowly beat out paultards, giving Christopher Hitchens the win over Ron Paul. This week’s category? Activism!

Relay for Life Mission Video: Do you know what Relay for Life is?

After the jump: the other contenders, voting, and your chance to nominate videos for next week’s category, campus tours!

Sam and the Wasted Semester: Witness about the pratfalls of an environmentally insensitive Georgetown freshman.

Bookalicious: Georgetown’s entry in the First Book contest.

The Pearl Project: WJLA reports on Georgetown’s Pearl Project.

Protest of Alberto Gonzales: Georgetown law students give the former Attorney General a piece of their mind.

Living Wage 101: Georgetown Solidarity Committee briefs you on living wage.

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2 Comments on “Georgetown YouTube Madness: Activism

  1. 1:57 and 2:40 on Sam and the Wasted Semester if you want to be SCARED by the Jack the Bulldog mascot.

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