Georgetown’s licensing royalties ranking drops to 57th

The Collegiate Licensing Company recently released their annual rankings of the schools making the most from royalties from merchandise over the past year, and Georgetown came in 57th, down five spots from last year’s showing.

Our licensing royalty ranking has been steadily declining throughout the decade.  In the 2000-01 list, the earliest available on the CLC’s website, we were ranked 38th; by 2005-06 we’d inched our way down to 54th.

We had something of a resurgence in 2006-07, shooting up to 46th place thanks to our Final Four run.  But the next year we fell back to down the 52nd, and now this year we’ve reached an all-time low of 57th.


One Comment on “Georgetown’s licensing royalties ranking drops to 57th

  1. this post made the Express this morning. nice to see the Voice’s blog represented in other DC media…

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