GQ doesn’t think Georgetown deserves a spot in the top 25…

…of America’s Douchiest Colleges. That’s right, Georgetown has been out-douched!

It seems everyone’s getting into the college rankings game these days, and, not to be outdone, GQ threw their hat into the ring this year, releasing the highly scientific “first ever guide to our nation’s Ivoriest Towers of douchery.”

They summarized the list’s raison d’etre thusly:

The question isn’t whether you’re a douche bag when you go to college. We were all kind of douche bags when we went to college, if we’re going to be honest about it. No, the question for America’s youth is: What kind of douche bag do you aspire to be? Like, Where can you go if you want to major in Jet Skiing? How about if you’re a trust-fund type but are embarrassed about it? What if you want to lord your intelligence over people for the rest of your life, in the form of a bumper sticker? Picking the right school can be daunting.

Top honors went to Brown, which GQ dubbed home of “The ‘Peace Sign on My Mom’s 7 Series’ Douche.” Rounding out the top five were Duke (“The Original Douche”), Princeton (“The Eating Club Douche”), Harvard (“The Harvard Douche”) and Deep Springs (“The ‘I Went to a School So Exclusive, Only Six People Know About it and Half of Them Are So Smart They’re Clinically Insane’ Douche”).

Somewhat shockingly, not a single D.C. school made the douche grade—not even as an honorable mention! Perhaps GQ just doesn’t recognize “The Aspiring Politico Douche” as a legitimate subdivision yet…

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