Georgetown YouTube Madness: Campus Tours

Georgetown YouTube Madness

In last week’s Georgetown YouTube Madness, Solidarity rallied for a win with their Living Wage 101 video. This week, we’ll be reacquainting ourselves with the Hilltop, YouTube style.

Georgetown Forever: The Class of 2008 brings you an epic campus photo montage.

More nominees, voting and and your chance to nominate videos for our final category, wild cards.

Georgetown: The Scene: gets the inside scoop on Georgetown’s social scene.

Georgetown University Campus View in 1996: See if you can spot any differences to campus over the past 13 years.

Cool Kid at Georgetown University: CollegeClickTV finds a “cool” Georgetown student to opine about the school.

Impressions of Georgetown University: High schoolers sound off about how they feel about Georgetown after their campus tour.

Virtual Tour of Georgetown University: Get shown around GU and environs.

Next week we have our final bracket, the wild card round. That means you can nominate whatever video you’d like—go nuts!

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