Georgetown students pay more for parking than our D.C. peers, AAA survey finds

Over the weekend, the Washington Post highlighted one of the eternal scourges of attending college in the District: the exorbitant cost of parking.  According to a recent survey from AAA, the Post reports, D.C. college students pay between $225 and $1300 a year to park.

Of all the local universities profiled, though, it looks like Georgetown drivers are the most fleeced.  Georgetown’s Director of Media Relations Andy Pino tells the Post that students living on-campus aren’t eligible for on-campus parking, and the AAA survey finds that Georgetown students pay $656 a semester to park at lots in Rosslyn.

The next most expensive school for auto owners is at GW, where students pay $550 per semester for a parking decal.  American takes third place in the most ridiculous parking prices competition, charging $964 per year to park in a lot on Nebraska Ave., the AAA study shows.

DCist caught wind of the story and, instead of just letting us wallow in our vehicular-induced bankruptcy, they decided to cheer on the shakedown, justifying it with this jibe:

If anything, it seems that students — who, I’m sure we can all agree, don’t really do anything with those cars but cause trouble — aren’t paying enough to park their jalopies in the District.

4 Comments on “Georgetown students pay more for parking than our D.C. peers, AAA survey finds

  1. First time I’ve known to DCist to come off as a crotchety grandfather. Those troublemakers! God forbid twenty-year-olds drive cars.

    That said, not many people strictly *need* a car at Georgetown–D.C. has a relatively functioning public transportation system (you may think Metro’s bad, but it compared favorably to many others, like Philly’s SEPTA). It’s at least environmentally friendly to limit student cars on campus.

  2. At least GW and AU have metro stops…while it’s not environmentally-friendly, I understand why some people keep cars in *this* hood.

  3. The buses in Georgetown do run, despite popular student belief.

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