The Burrito War continues: Chipotle now offering free drinks to students

Things have generally been quiet in the Burrito War between M Street’s Qdoba and Chipotle. But no longer: this Saturday Chipotle started giving free drinks to anyone with a student ID. According to a manager at Chipotle, the promotion will continue indefinitely.

This isn’t exactly a drastic move for Chipotle, especially given that Qdoba has offered free drinks for students since it opened. It’s a good start, but they’ll have to up their game if they have any hope of competing with Qdoba’s half-price Mondays.

Photo by Flickr user DJ Lein used under a Creative Commons license.

7 Comments on “The Burrito War continues: Chipotle now offering free drinks to students

  1. This is something Chipotle always used to do in certain locations across the US but got rid of a year or so ago. Glad to see it’s back.

  2. Pleeeeeeeasssseeeee free soft drinks! My 2386509658 calorie burrito does not satisfy. I NEED COCA-COLA.

    Coke can melt a nail in a month. No, it’s true.

  3. Qdoba have taken care of us from the start – they deserve our loyalty (and they have queso…)

  4. It’s funny to imagine how long this idea took to get through Chipotle’s corporate structure, since Qdoba’s been offering free sodas for more than a year.

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