Alum George LeMieux (LAW ’94) appointed new Florida Senator

Last Friday, Florida Governor Charlie Crist (R) appointed Georgetown Law alum George LeMieux (R) as the replacement for resigning Senator Mel Martinez (R).

When LeMieux takes office on September 9th, he’ll bring the total number of Hoyas in the Senate up to six. At only 40-years old, he’ll also be the youngest member of the current Senate.

Since LeMieux has previously served as Crist’s chief of staff and is a close friend of the Governor, is appointment has prompted charges of cronyism. Especially since Crist is hoping to be elected to the seat in 2010, many have dismissed LeMieux as merely a loyal place holder for Crist.

One Comment on “Alum George LeMieux (LAW ’94) appointed new Florida Senator

  1. How does the American Enterprise Institute’s journal count as “many?”

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