Greenopia USA gives Georgetown poor marks environmental reporting


Greenopia USA recently released green rankings for universities, and Georgetown didn’t come out looking so great. The rankings are given out on a scale of four leaves, and Georgetown received just one lone leaf.

That means we met less than 50 percent of their criteria for environmental reporting, green building design, waste programs, renewable energy, green food options, alternative fuel vehicles and water conservation.

Greenopia did give us points for requiring LEED Silver designation for all new construction, exceeding the average for waste diversion, and using a large amount of solar energy.

Out big black mark? Environmental reporting and transparency:

Georgetown could certainly benefit from some additional reporting. Simply put, Georgetown had some of the worst reporting we came across and this is unacceptable …

Georgetown has some environmental reporting (although not much), but has yet to take part in the ACUPPCC’s challenge for reporting/transparency.

As unsettling as our evaluation is, other local schools didn’t do much better.  American also came away with one leaf, getting knocked for poor reporting, as well.  Howard didn’t get any stars, just a scathing indictment of their lack of environmental action.  George Washington, Catholic and Gallaudet weren’t included in the rankings.

Via Renewable Energy Turns Me On.

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