Georgetown YouTube Madness: Wild cards

YouTube Madness

In last week’s category, campus tours, the Class of 2008-made photo montage Georgetown Forever came away with the win.

Now we’re on to our final bracket: the wild card round! Here are all the videos that are awesome, but couldn’t quite be categorized.

How to get accepted to Georgetown: The key to winning the hearts and minds of the Georgetown Admissions’ staff.

More candidates and your chance to vote, after the jump!

Georgetown Forever Trailer: The trailer for the Georgetown student-made feature film, “Georgetown Forever.”

Hoya Saxa! An inside look into the psyche of a stressed-out Georgetown student.

Congressman Ron Paul Visits My Dorm Room: Then-Georgetown student and YouTube celebrity James Kotecki gets presidential candidate Ron Paul to stop by his dorm room.

The Voice at the NSO Pep Rally: The Voice meets and greets new freshmen.

St. Elmo’s Fire Trailer: The trailer for the Georgetown-centric 1985 film.

3 Comments on “Georgetown YouTube Madness: Wild cards

  1. Dear Voice,

    If my video does not win, I will be very disappointed.



    James Kotecki

    P.S. This is the real me.

  2. That first video is terrible. The 3 people who voted for it must be the two girls in it and the one holding the camera.

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