AOL Exec, Capitals owner Ted Leonsis (COL ’77) approves of the new MSB building

Awed by the new, clean, and oh-so-shiny new MSB Building? So was Ted Leonsis (COL `77), AOL executive and owner of the Washington Capitols, when he visited the building last Monday. On his blog, Ted’s Take, Leonsis raved about the new building right down to the details, like the student blasting Kid N Play on his iPod:

“Wow — the energy in the building was crackling — undergraduate students mingling with grad students — in a spectacular new building — maybe the best facility I have ever been in for a University setting. I am so proud of this new building — and we have no mortgage on it to boot; if ever you are in town — go check out this facility.”

And though he may be a member of Georgetown’s Board of Directors, it’s heartening to earn the approval of someone like Leonsis. The Washington business whiz has been on too many “of the year” lists to count, he has his hands in technology, philanthropy, and ‘filmanthropy,’ and he’s survived a crash landing of a plane to boot.
The crash prompted him to make a list of 100 things he wanted to accomplish, including own a sports team (he bought the NHL’s Capitols) and donate $1 million to Georgetown, which he did. As of 2007, he was still looking for a building to put his family name on. Hello, Leonsis Science Building?

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