Georgetown YouTube Madness: The Quarterfinals!

georgetown youtube madness

In last week‘s Georgetown YouTube Madness bracket, James Kotecki’s dorm room interview of Ron Paul crushed the competition to earn the wild card spot.

That means, after two grueling months, we’re finally at the quarterfinals of Georgetown YouTube Madness, ready to see our Elite Eight go head to head.  This week we’ll be dispensing with the left side of the bracket, pitting the best of GUSA against Sports, and Performances against Campus Tours.

Quarterfinal #1: Vote in a Box v. Christopher Hitchens

The GUSA take on a SNL classic, or your lovable neighborhood atheist?

Vote on Quarterfinal #2 after the jump!

Quarterfinal #2: Georgetown Girl v. Georgetown Forever

A Chimes original, or a nostalgia-packed photo montage?

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