August Campus Crime Watch

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There were 21 incidents reported in the Department of Public Safety crime log in August, 8 fewer than there were during July.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • 12 reported thefts, including one that occurred in the new Hariri Building, the first crime to take place in the new edifice.
  • There were three reported cases of assault, including a punch thrown in New South and a dispute between University employees at the Power Plant.
  • One case of destruction of property (a bike lock was damaged in an attempted theft).
  • Five incidents of unlawful entry or burglary, including the August 30 incident in which the suspect “entered [the] residence unauthorized and lay on the sofa next to the sleeping victim.”
  • Strange things are afoot at the library.  On August 21st, a library patron “reported being touched on the foot without authorization by an unknown male.”  As if that weren’t odd enough, on the 25th, the suspect returned to the scene of the crime!  The suspect was “barred from campus” and MPD was notified.

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