Date Lab Georgetown: Because romance isn’t dead yet!

RomanticThis could be you (minus tragic drowning death)!

You’ve probably heard the line before that Georgetown “just isn’t a dating school.” Vox thinks it may have something to do with students’ tendencies to meet over solo cups instead of over coffee—and we think it’s high time that Hoyas try the latter.

So in the grand tradition of the Washington Post‘s Date Lab series, Vox is setting out to play matchmaker for Georgetown students. Every two weeks, we’re going to select two students to meet up at Uncommon Grounds on a Saturday afternoon, where the Corp will generously provide free tea, coffee, and bagels.

We’re all a little voyeuristic, so afterwards, we’re going to ask participants to tell us a little bit about how the date went so we can tell our blog readers. A Voice photographer may pop in to UG to snap your photo, too.

Students will be selected from among those who respond to our survey, so get moving! It’s time to meet someone new—and get free bagels as part of the deal.

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