GUTS will be offering weekend service to Rosslyn Safeway

With the Wisconsin Avenue Safeway out of commission, are your shopping needs just not being met by Whole Foods/Safeway Delivery/Trader Joe’s?  GUTS has your back!

According to Georgetown’s Director of Media Relations Andy Pino, GUTS will be offering runs to the Rosslyn Safeway on weekends.

The change will combine the Rosslyn and Dupont Circle routes; GUTS buses will go from campus to Rosslyn, stopping on North Oak Street near the Safeway there, back to campus and then to Dupont.  Weekday service will not change.

One Comment on “GUTS will be offering weekend service to Rosslyn Safeway

  1. It’s not mentioned here but GUSA president and vice president Calen and Jason are the ones that made this happen this summer. Props to them.

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