GU Law student rumored to be dating Rihanna, denies it

Cool enough to date Rihanna? The cigar-cross-handkerchief combo says yes.

Who’s been keeping Rihanna company since her split from Chris Brown? According to gossip site Bossip, it’s someone close to us—Georgetown Law student Janero Marchand:

Our source says the two have been spotted at various NYC hot spots during fashion week and were last spotted getting comfy cozy with each other at Da Silvano’s for what was deemed as a business meeting … The two arrived and left separately to avoid the paparazzi as Janero does NOT want to be in the public eye, but it’s a  little too late for that homie.

While Marchand didn’t respond to a request for comment, he has been tweeting that the story is false:

How do you get your shyt taken off a blog? My shorty just called me whilin out on some made up story on a blog that is false.

Man Bossip be making up some bogus ass stories none of that is tru ya’ll it’s not EVEN a pic with me and Rihanna. Don’t believe it!

Before everyone gets excited about the possibility R&B starlets trolling Georgetown for bachelors, even if this story is true, it wouldn’t exactly be Notting Hill. Apparently, Marchand already travels in hip-hop circles, to the extent that he introduced Kanye West to that almost-bald woman he’s dating. But take heart, ordinary Hoyas–you can still get whisked away by a dreamy governor.

12 Comments on “GU Law student rumored to be dating Rihanna, denies it

  1. Maybe Rihanna will come perform at GTown this semester if this is true… but knowing GPB, we’ll probably get someone like Vita or Kelis.

    speaking of which… is anyone coming?

  2. “Man Bossip be making up some bogus ass stories none of that is tru ya’ll it’s not EVEN a pic with me and Rihanna. Don’t believe it!”

    This guy got into Georgetown Law?

  3. Again the Voice intrudes into the private lives of students. Who cares whether a GU Law student is dating Rihanna?! And why is it anybody’s business? If you’re not going to be a real journalistic organization, our tuition dollars and student activity fees (and the Hoya) should not be funding you.

  4. The Gtown law weekly mentioned this too. Nothing about the Voice intruding. It’s been all over blogs.
    What’s the big deal about a lighthearted story?


  5. I can’t imagine much Georgetown money is going to Vox Populi. It’s a blog, grandpa.

  6. Well, not money that got into the blog directly. But with all the perks that come from writing for the blog–the company car, the office jacuzzi–all those have to add up.

  7. The story says he goes to NYU. Not that gossip blogs are very accurate but could you at least explain to us how you know he goes to GU Law and that there aren’t two Janero Marchand’s running around law schools who may or may not be dating Rhianna.

    This whole story sounds completely bogus. It’s interesting and probably something I would talk to my friends about, but, really? The Voice? Let’s talk about real news and leave the gossip to the mongers.

  8. I’d rather my tuition money go towards gossip than race-based hate.

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