SFSers protest new Map of the Modern World changes

Bring back the old Map!

As we reported yesterday, the School of Foreign Service institution, Map of the Modern World, is undergoing major changes this year.  Turns out SFSers aren’t taking too kindly to the alterations.

They’ve started a Facebook group in protest, “Take Back Map of the Modern World.”  The group currently has 392 members, including SFS Academic Council Representative Josh Mogil (SFS ’11) and former Map TA Helen Burdett (SFS ’11).

The group’s description explains their grievances:

Just because Dean Reardon-Anderson wants to take over the course, it doesn’t the course material should change … Map of the Modern World is a pillar of the SFS, and we urge the new Dean to reconsider his changes, not to the class called Map, but to that SFS institution called Map.

Keep Map and its cherished contents intact. Some additions to the course are always warranted, as there have been new developments occuring all the time. That isn’t the same as gutting the course. It’s just one of those binding forces that brings all of us in the SFS together

The group encourages members to invite all their friends in the SFS so that the deans will understand that students don’t support the “watering down” of Map.

10 Comments on “SFSers protest new Map of the Modern World changes

  1. Is anyone else keep wanting to pronounce Dean Reardon-Anderson as Richard Dean Anderson? That would be way more badass.

  2. When are people going to realize that starting a Facebook group isn’t actually a protest? It’s about the laziest thing you can do.

  3. Mike, I’m pretty sure that the Facebook group, “Damn the Man, Save Georgetown Day” last year had some pretty good results come from it…

  4. Prove that it was the Facebook group that actually changed something.

  5. The facebook group is meant to be a place where people can receive information as to what we are actually doing. It is a place for people to get information and exchange ideas. No one actually thinks that if x amount of people join a facebook group gold will rain down from the sky.

  6. So you’re saying that nothing happened because I joined the “If 1,000,000 people don’t join this group, God will strike down my puppy” group?!?!??!

  7. I agree, Facebook groups can have mixed results. What DOES help is when, say, the 610 members that “Take Back Map of the Modern World” has as of today ALL send e-mails, letters, voicemails to the administration (and for those students on campus, GO TO YOUR DEAN) and voice their concerns.

    THAT makes a difference. THAT’s what saved Georgetown Day. That’s what’ll save Map.

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