Issue Rundown: “More with less”

Cover 9/24Sam Sweeney takes a look at the University’s financial history and the “unprecedented professionalization of Georgetown’s financial management” over the past ten years in this week’s Feature.  Ever wonder how Georgetown managed to avoid major budgetary and staff cuts during the economic downturn while schools with endowments that dwarf ours were handing out pink slips left and right?  Apparently delaying the Science Center and having an operating budget that only minimally relies on your endowment isn’t a bad plan!

The Editorial Board protests cutting Circulator service on Wisconsin Avenue and encourages everyone to take the good fight for cheap, reliable bus service to Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Lillian Kaiser has a preview of what’s to come at tonight’s “Diversity Initiative” town hall in News.

In Sports, Adam Rosenfeld spends some time with recent Georgetown alum and new men’s tennis assistant coach Adam Gross.

What do the “The Jackal is Back” posters posted all over campus, the TV show “Private Practice” and homecoming have to do with each other? Chris Heller explains it all in Leisure.

Ryan Maher, S.J. remembers his teacher, mentor, colleague and friend Thomas King, S.J. in Voices.

2 Comments on “Issue Rundown: “More with less”

  1. Lowell does throw really good parties.
    If he brings Kate Walsh, even better.

  2. Claude Jackal. Man, myth, legend. Not necessarily in that order.

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