More from The Voice‘s interview with Claude Jackal

In this week’s issue of the paper, Chris Heller talked to Claude Jackal (also known as Chris Lowell of Private Practice and Veronica Mars fame) about his plans for Homecoming Weekend 2009.

After throwing an impromptu block party outside Tombs during last year’s Homecoming weekend, Jackal and friends have high hopes for this year (and have even set up a blog devoted to the cause). Unfortunately, we didn’t have space for all of the Jackal’s bon mots in the article, so here are some of his other entertaining declarations:

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On Homecoming Weekend 2009:

“Tell everyone you know: friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends of friends. Call people in different cities and get them to come. Invite people who you know will have a good time, because I guarantee you it’s going to be something special. And if they seem indifferent, just start lying! Just make up shit. Tell them Shia LaBeouf is gonna be there or something. Who cares? All’s fair in Love and Jackal.”

“Remember that rant Christian Bale had when he was shooting the Terminator movie? It’s time to get that intense. If we play our cards right, this is gonna be like losing your virginity all over again. Except it won’t suck.”

“There’s no exclusivity—we’re like the fucking Musketeers. So just show up, if you want to dress fancy, that’s how we’ll be dressed. I can tell you this: we’ll all be dressed like Frank Sinatra’s wet dream.”

Jackal’s reflections on last year’s festivities, dancing, self-definition and more, after the jump!

On Homecoming Weekend 2008:

“Last year, we came into possession of a shit-awesome Jambox, which we basically paraded around from house party to house party until we had accumulated enough people to throw our own party. It was great, there were seven of us and we got seven pitchers and we started playing ’flip pitcher’ until they told us to leave. And then we started playing ‘flip table’ and then they really told us to leave.

When we were outside there were all these people getting thrown out of the Tombs because it was closing and, as always, there was that long line of people who can’t get in. So we got this massive Jam Box and we just stood outside the Tombs like fucking John Cusack in Say Anything. It was like John Cusack in Say Anything, except for playing some cheesy love song we were playing ‘Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough.'”

More on Homecoming 2008:

“We essentially shut down 36th Street. I mean cabs were pulling around, literally reversing and going down different streets because they knew the party wasn’t going anywhere. There was something like 85 people in the street singing and dancing to Michael Jackson songs. It was like something you’d dream of but it happened in real life.”

“We had a block party outside Tombs and it fucking killed.”

On defining Claude Jackal:

“To put Claude Jackal into a single category is like trying to describe Burt Reynold’s moustache. You just can’t do it. He just means too many things to too many people.”

“I guess if I were to summarize Claude Jackal in a word, that word would be ‘organ-asmic’. A combination of ‘organic’ and ‘orgasmic.””

On dancing:

“I really rose to power as a fox-trotter to be honest with you. You know, I primarily specialized in swing music, tango, and the Charleston but as time progressed I started finding a lot of comfort in the gyrating movements of Michael Jackson and James Brown. And Christina Aguilera when she was pregnant.”

On Graduation:

“All of my friends attended Georgetown in 2007 and 2008. I’ve been there so many damned times that I basically decided that I was a student. So in Spring of 2007 I just bought a cap and gown and walked at Graduation. I’m dead serious. I made a fake paper diploma and I still have my Convocation suit. I wear it every day! I’m not kidding—no one is more proud to have gone to Georgetown than the only person who did not go.”

On intellectualism and talent:

“Claude Jackal is a poet. That’s what he is. He’s a simple man. Just like John Lennon is a simple man. Claude Jackal is all about taking the road less traveled. He is a Robert Frost poem.”

“I would say Claude Jackal is no more intellectual than Beethoven. I think it’s a fair comparison. I don’t think it’s aiming too high, but at the same time, he’s no simpleton.”

Sound like fun?  RSVP on his Facebook event.

Interview by Chris Heller. Photos courtesy Claude Jackal.

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  2. I once saw him swallow 37 pairs of edible underwear and then make out with a toddler in a high chair while mumbling “da Pizzzzz”. It was epic.

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