Remix Your Weekend: The Knocks remix Master Shortie

Stranger Encounters of the Knocks Remix

Every once in a while I stumble upon a track that absolutely floors me. The results of these episodes can include: eyes tearing up, spontaneous dancing in my room, and, often times, a couple yells of sheer joy. The track for this week is one of those ball busters.

I became aware of The Knocks (AKA Mr. J-Pratt and DJ B-roc) earlier in the summer because of their bomb-tastic remix of Wale’s jam Chillin’. The NYC DJs also own a small label, Heavy Rock Music, a decent output of underground pop/remix music.

In this particular case The Knocks have taken the single, Bringin’ It Back, from Master Shortie’s new album, stripped it down slightly, and added some quirky vocal-echoing effects.  The result: a great song for any party.

I’ll readily admit that I do enjoy the original slightly more, and that it was the original that got me moving my feet in the first place: the fuller sound, and 80’s synth background really hit me just right; however, as it stands an MP3 version of the original doesn’t exist on the inter-web fo’ free (as far as my prying fingers could tell), so we will have to settle with just watching the super fun video over and over, and listening to The Knocks’ great take on this soon to be bumping club hit.

Besides that, have a great Homecoming Weekend!

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