Georgetown YouTube Madness: The Semifinals

YouTube Madness

We’re getting down to the final rounds of Georgetown YouTube Madness.  Last week, Living Wage 101 narrowly beat out Georgetown beats UNC and Congressman Ron Paul Visits My Dorm Room trounced Lessons Learned: The Character of Georgetown Athletics.

With that settled, we’re finally at the semifinals!

Semifinal #1: Vote in a Box v. Georgetown Girl

Decide the second semifinal after the jump!

Semifinal #2: Living Wage 101 v. Congressman Ron Paul Visits My Dorm Room

4 Comments on “Georgetown YouTube Madness: The Semifinals

  1. Not having any basketball video left on Georgetown YouTube Madness going into the Final 4 has made me lose all interest in this “competition”

  2. Yeah but we have something called Living Wage, so…there’s that. Yeah, I know…kind BS.

  3. But I thought the whole point was the videos with the most votes wins. No use crying if your team went down.. there’s always next year, brah.

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