Graffiti involving Nazi symbol found in Village A

On Sunday, September 13, Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety reported an incident graffiti involving a Nazi symbol in Village A, according to the September Daily Crime Log [PDF].

The log describes the incident as:

3:28 a.m. September 13, 2009
Village A

Destruction of Property: Unknown suspects, using spray paint, stenciled an SS symbol over a cross.

The case is still open.

Last year there were several cases of graffiti involving Nazi symbols, including a few incidents involving “a Christian cross with SS bolts.”  The graffiti prompted a rally in Red Square against “acts of hate” on campus.

Associate Director of DPS Joseph Smith would not comment on whether DPS believes the most recent incident is related to the graffiti found on campus last semester, writing in an email:

There was one apprehension for a statue desecration, but not for any of the other graffiti incidents. From there it is not appropriate for me to conjecture on an open investigation, but we are looking into all possible leads.

The Daily Crime Log does not mention DPS notifying the Metropolitan Police Department.  When asked whether MPD had been notified of the incident, Smith replied that he believed that they “were notified of the graffiti problem last spring.”

As was the case with the previous incidents of Nazi graffiti, no Public Safety Alert was sent out to the campus community.

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