Anti-Map-changes protest all Facebook, no action

When it was revealed last week that the School of Foreign Service standby, Map of the Modern World, was undergoing a curriculum revitalization and getting a new professor, students and alumni were quick to voice their outrage.

A Facebook group, “Take Back Map of the Modern World,” quickly cropped up, and its membership has skyrocketed to nearly 700.

While Facebook groups are all well and good, the administrators of the group realize the real key to effecting change is putting pressure on administrators.  To that end, in the group’s leaders encourage members to e-mail the Dean of the SFS, Carol Lancaster, and other administrators:

Nothing demonstrates opposition like a letter. If every person in this Facebook group took the time to write one, we would get what we want. It doesn’t have to be too long if you are pressed for time. The most important thing is the number of people writing to express their opinion. It takes 2 seconds to join a Facebook group, but it takes effort to express your opinion in a letter.

Unfortunately, their encouragements haven’t proved too effective yet.  When asked how many letters and e-mails she has received about the Map changes, Lancaster wrote in an e-mail this Monday that she has only received 20 complaints so far.

That’s no way to make sure SFSers of the future have to learn about Vanuatu and Kyrgyzstan!

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