The Sexist ranks the The Hoya‘s sex column D.C.’s least progressive

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When I wrote about Georgetown’s sex and relationships columns in the paper a few weeks ago, I wasn’t too impressed by The Hoya‘s current sex scribe, Colleen Leahey (COL ’11).  Apparently I’m in good company: yesterday The Washington City Paper‘s The Sexist blog surveyed the sex columns currently running in local student papers and ranked them on how progressive they are—and The Hoya‘s came in last.

According to The Sexist, the city’s most progressive sex column can be found in the American University Eagle.  Co-written by three anonymous authors, the column has been a bit of a mixed bag, with high highs (tackling anal sex in an enlightened way) and low lows (the inaugural column kicked off with a disturbing date rape scenario).  But the Sexist found enough promise in the column-writing threesome to give them a progressive score of seven.

Coming in second was the GW Hatchet‘s sex column.  The Hatchet switches off between an anonymous male writer and an anonymous female writer, and tends to neglect the LGBTQ perspective, according to the Sexist, earning them a six on the progressive scale.

The Sexist gave Leahey props for using her real name and acknowledged the challenges inherent in writing a column for a relatively conservative paper where “vulgarity” is frowned upon, but took her to task for directing her columns at “desperate” heterosexual females.  Ultimately, Leahey and The Hoya walked away with just four progressive points.

10 Comments on “The Sexist ranks the The Hoya‘s sex column D.C.’s least progressive

  1. Vox Populi: the Georgetown Voice’s blog about the Hoya since 1969

  2. The Hoya: Manically obsessed with Voice’s coverage of the Hoya since 1969.

  3. And the Voice’s inferiority complex comes to the surface once again. Taking any possible opportunity to bash the Hoya just shows that you’re trying to make up for something. And Juliana Brint continues to shamelessly promote herself and her agenda. Vox Populi has ceased to be a newspaper’s blog and has become the bullhorn of one individual with a few random other contributors mixed in. And not to mention the print edition, which no one ever read anyway but that has now become completely irrelevant.

  4. I read the blog entry-what a joke! They cite Juliana Brint, who is a staffer of the Hoya’s rival paper and has a blatant anti-Hoya agenda, as their source for information about the Hoya’s sex column. It describes the Hoya as “conservative” which is not true in my opinion. They probably used that word because Brint did. This whole thing stinks of Brint crusading against the Hoya.

  5. Yea I’m pretty sure she paid the CityPaper to write that as part of her crusade.
    It’s not that the column is remarkably more conservative than the one that talks in-depth about anal sex.

  6. WCP is like Voice for grown ups. Kind of odd to rely solely on the Voice to piss on the hoya. But what do you expect from a pub that rips the hoya for being conservative but doesn’t seem to have any concerns that the two other columns cited don’t name their authors. Nothing wrong with that, mind you, but that’s a bit different sport than a column by a real, named person.

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