Date Lab Georgetown: That whole sparking thing

Emily and MaxEmily Alpert and Max Lambertson

Reviewing applications for this week’s Date Lab Georgetown, Vox wagered that only a man whose ideal date was “being in Cloverfield together (and surviving)” could match a woman who would strand herself on a desert island with Kanye, Obama, and Queen Victoria, and then dance to Britney Spears to relieve her resultant stress.

Her description of herself—”smart, funny, and ridiculous”—seems to jive with what he says he wants in a girl: “an edge to her personality … and self-aware.”

He’s all about dry humor and comedy, and is a member of two improv groups. She’s all about parties, but given her perfect date,  “walking around a big foreign city,” she seems well-heeled enough for him.

In any event, Saturday’s date between Max Lambertson (SFS `11) and Emily Alpert (COL `12), was light on the hundred-foot monsters. For about an hour, the two talked about living abroad (she’s lived in France, he’s lived in Switzerland), and about “the usuals,” classes and extracurriculars. Oddly enough, Lambertson also has a thing for her home state, California:

“I really wish I was from California, even though I have no relationship to it. The weather, the lifestyle, and the people are all just so great,” Lambertson, a Connecticut native, said.

We’ve got to hand it to Georgetown students—so far, Date Lab suggests that Hoyas excel in carrying on genial conversations that feel like chats between old friends. This week’s couple said that’s more or less what this felt like, but that also means that this week’s pair felt no spark. They parted on a friendly “see you around,” but did not make plans to see each other again. Their encounter, they both agreed, just didn’t have “it.”

” I don’t think there was a spark,” Lambertson said. “You can tell sometimes, right off the bat. With her, it was, ‘this is someone I’d be friends with,’ automatically. But there wasn’t that playfulness you’re supposed to have.”

Alpert offered a more elaborate explanation.

“He was a little bit serious,” she said. “I’m very silly, which you could probably tell by my survey. And he’s blond,” she added, “that’s not my type.”

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Thanks to Uncommon Grounds. Photos courtesy Max Lambertson and Emily Alpert

4 Comments on “Date Lab Georgetown: That whole sparking thing

  1. … probably cuz they’re too busy pairing off with each other.

  2. This Date Lab concept for Georgetown students is so wonderfully awkward. Best part of the blog for sure.

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