Georgetown YouTube Madness: The Finals!

Georgetown YouTube Madness Finals

We’re finally at the finals of Georgetown YouTube Madness, and it’s up to you to decide who will take the crown: Vote in a Box, former GUSA execs Ben Shaw (COL ’08) and Matt Appenfeller’s (COL ’08) ingenious campaign video, or Living Wage 101, Solidarity’s living wage primer!

Vote in a Box

Living Wage 101

12 Comments on “Georgetown YouTube Madness: The Finals!

  1. If this Living Wage bullshit wins this thing, I will swear off reading this blog forever.

  2. Yeah, I’m shocked that Living Wage has gotten so far. Maybe Solidarity’s stuffing the ballot box?

  3. Georgetown Solidarity is a Marxist front. Those people need to educate themselves.

  4. Haha. OR… maybe it’s obvious that a) the video about the Living Wage Campaign is just a lot better and b) Georgetown students actually DO care about things that actually happen on campus…

  5. GUSA passed a resolution supporting the LW Campaign after over 1200 students signed a petition and 23 student orgs got behind the campaign. Kristina might be on to something…

    And GSC is not Marxist.
    it’s anarchy, bro =p

  6. I care about things that happen on campus. I just don’t like obnoxious things like the Living Wage Campaign.

  7. Yeah, you tell those obnoxious janitors, man. Who do they think they are working two jobs cleaning up bro puke so they can eat and have medicine and all that bullshit? Let em eat cake, bro.

  8. Some of us think Vote in a Box was stupid then and stupid now. I never cared about LW but anything’s better than a stupid ripoff of a stupid, unfunny “comedian”.

  9. While most GSCers are a bunch of fucktards, the Living Wage video is exponentially muy much bueno than Ben Shaw and Matt Appenfeller’s GUSA circle jerk, not that there is anything wrong with circle jerking.

  10. Dude, GSCers can be a bit radical at times, but I think they send a good message with this video. Documenting a four-year campaign of people working towards just wages and good benefits is a solid piece of gtown history.

  11. I’m ashamed that I actually care to ask, but when does voting end on this? The suspense is killing me.

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