The Ivy Plus Society, breeding grounds for the pedigreed and pompous

Ever wonder what the most toolish among us do with themselves after graduation?  This Sunday, the New York Times‘ Style section revealed the answer: they join the Ivy Plus Society!

The Ivy Plus Society is a group for young alumni of the Ivy League and a handful of other prestigious institutions—including Georgetown—with chapters in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and a newly started one here in D.C.  While the group is ostensibly a business-networking organization, the Times makes it clear what the real point of Ivy Plus is: finding suitable mates for super-status-conscious elitists.

The Times article is also a fun read in that a former Hoya wins the distinction of giving the most cringe-worthy quote of the piece.  Around the middle of the article, 2006 grad Ben Pike explains why he attends Ivy Plus Society events, making himself—and, by extension, Georgetown—look absurdly snobbish:

[Pike] said he hoped to meet New York women who were more than merely gorgeous. “I’ve been in the city three years and dated girls who are legitimate models, and that gets old,” said Mr. Pike, who works in private equity. “I have high standards. I’ve met people who are really smart but don’t have it together socially, and people who are fun but may not offer more mentally.” The total package, he explained, is tough to find.


4 Comments on “The Ivy Plus Society, breeding grounds for the pedigreed and pompous

  1. Juliana . . . you’re a moron. Here is a guy saying he’s not just into looks . . . he’s looking for a deeper connection. And you mock him. And call “toolish” those who are looking to to enlarge their social network.

    Based on your writing, you’re the only one looking like an arrogant tool. Perhaps you shouldn’t be at Georgetown, being the arrogant tool that you are. I suspect you have self-esteem issues. Especially since you had to trash your other newspaper colleagues in regards to the sex column thing.

    Just shows how stupid you and the Voice are, I guess.

  2. That’s obviously the best part of the article, when the guy’s friend is making fun of him for not even being a plus.

  3. Last year the New York Times published an article about a group called ‘Ivy Plus Society,’ essentially an Ivy league network for Ivy league graduates to get together and share like minded interests. What the Times of course didn’t disclose is the private emails in this journal’s possession about the ulterior reasons as to why the highly acclaimed ‘club’ was begun to begin with.

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