The mysterious case of the Georgetown students’ Key Bridge jump video

The remnants of the YouTube video in question

A few weeks ago, Georgetown basketball blog Casual Hoya ran a post about a YouTube video of two male Georgetown students jumping off the Key Bridge into the Potomac River.  The feat was fantastic enough to earn mentions on a few other blogs, and it seemed all that would come of the escapade was that people would be awed by Georgetown students’ diving skills, if a little worried about their lack of common sense.

However, since the blog posts went up, the jumpers seem to have had a change of heart regarding their public notoriety.  The YouTube was pulled and blogs who had written about it were asked to take down their posts.  Casual Hoya removed theirs, but another blog, William World News, left its original post up and published the email its author received.

The email claims that a Georgetown administrator saw the video on Casual Hoya and now the two jumpers are facing expulsion:

Please remove your September 22nd regarding the YouTube video “Descending from Heights” from your blog ASAP!

These students are under threat of expulsion because of this post and the Casual Hoya blog post. I’m sure they appreciate the notoriety, but an administrator who follows Casual Hoya saw this and brought it to the attention of Student Conduct. The YouTube video is no longer accessible, and the Casual Hoya post and other blog posts have also been removed. It would greatly help if the post from your site was removed, as a Google search for the appropriate terms brings up your blog. Please remove this so these students don’t get expelled.

As far as Vox can tell, there’s no clause in Georgetown’s Student Code of Conduct [PDF] banning bridge-jumping.  The only violations under “Category C” (expulsion-worthy offenses) are arson, use (or attempted use) of dangerous objects, manufacturing or selling drugs, manufacturing ID cards, physical assault, sexual assault, stalking and theft.

We checked with Georgetown’s Director of Media Relations Andy Pino to see if there is any truth to the expulsion claim, and we’ll let you know when he gets back to us…

10 Comments on “The mysterious case of the Georgetown students’ Key Bridge jump video

  1. I can understand how the administration would not want to glorify this extremely dangerous and reckless behavior and therefore would make a claim for punishment. At the same time, I hardly think this issue to be sufficiently pressing to require further official action beyond the removal of the videos.

  2. Yeah, cause gosh, man every time I see a video of something stupid, I immediately think, “I should go do that right now!” because after all, it’s a proven fact that college students just mindlessly repeat everything they see or hear. Good thing they took those dangerous videos off the internet so none of us are in danger of jumping off a bridge.

    In fact, I can think of over 9000 other videos that should be taken off the internet, starting with Two Girls One Cup.

  3. It was me. I was the one who jumped. Legends never die!

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