Free For All: Whistleblowers and whatnot

The Real Informant

Whistleblowers. They have their own film festival now. Every Thursday in October at 6:30 pm at the Capitol Visitor Center on the Hill, there will be a screening of a film dealing with whistleblowers. Tomorrow will be Silkwood, followed in the coming weeks by The Insider and The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.

Even better, each film is paired with the real life whistleblower or an author or expert in the are for discussion after the film. This is the first-ever series part of a landmark, nine year legislative effort to restore credible whistleblower rights for government employees and contractors! You can find more information here.

Nano to Neuro

Andrew Carnegie was one hell of a philanthropist. He pretty much owns anything cultural in my home town of Pittsburgh, but he also managed to give an awesome gift to the city of D.C. as well.  In 1902 he founded the Carnegie Institution of Washington as an organization for scientific discovery. Located at 1530 P St, NW, this institution puts together interesting free events from time to time.

In the coming week specifically, this Thursday at 6:45 pm visitors will get to see Louis E. Brus and Sten Grillner display their scientific talents with a lecture that takes you on a journey from the small scale of nanoscience to the complex world of neuroscience. For more information on the institution, head here!

Herblock and the Political Cartoon

Book signings give a chance for people to let their nerd out every once and a while. They can be even more entertaining when they happen at the Library of Congress (101 Independence Avenue, SE). This Thursday at noon, Haynes Johnson and Harry L. Katz will be discussing and signing copies of Herblock: The Life and Works of the Great Political Cartoonist. Gotta love adult cartoons!

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  1. Tonight and tomorrow, the DC Labor FilmFest is also coming to Georgetown’s campus with two free film screenings.

    The Philosopher Kings
    A new documentary on the insights of university workers.
    Thurs Oct 15 – 8PM – ICC Auditorium
    featuring Director Patrick Shen and a worker from the film.

    Office Space
    The cult classic film about what happens when cubicle workers fight back.
    Friday Oct 16 – 8PM – ICC Auditorium
    featuring actors Stephen Root (who played the stapler-wielding Milton) and Gary Cole (the evil boss Lumberg).

    Doors open at 7:30 for each film and there will be a Q&A following.

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