Switch It Off competition shows which dorms are energy hogs

Dear LXR, this actually shouldn’t be your energy use model

You may not be aware of it since, as the Voice‘s Editorial Board pointed out in this week’s issue, the University hasn’t done a great job of publicizing it, but Georgetown is in the midst of Switch It Off, an inter-dorm energy use reduction competition.

Each residence hall is now competing against each other to see which can reduce its energy consumption by the highest percentage as compared to how much energy was used in the residence hall last year. There will be a prize awarded to the dorm that reduces its energy the most, but the University hasn’t yet said what exactly that will be.

Village A is currently in the lead, with a reduction in energy use of 13.1 percent from the previous school year. Six of the nine dorms have a net decrease in energy use over last year, but three have actally increased their energy use.  LXR is the big offender, with a whopping energy use increase of 18.1 percent.

Here are the full rankings:

  1. Village A:  -13.1%
  2. Village C:  -8.4%
  3. SWQ:  -7.6%
  4. New South:  -6.1%
  5. Harbin:  -3.0%
  6. Copley:  -0.2%
  7. Henle:  +0.6%
  8. Darnall:  +4.1%
  9. LXR:  +18.1%

One Comment on “Switch It Off competition shows which dorms are energy hogs

  1. weird how the energy use is proportional to how far away these dorms are from Leo’s.
    Just coincidence or does Georgetown need another dining hall?

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