Gun used in Midnight Madness shooting was taken from US Park Police officer, MPD report shows

Vox just obtained the Metropolitan Police Department’s report on last night’s shooting in McDonough Gymnasium.

The report lists Sherice Clanton as the complainant and victim.  On the report, her occupation is listed as “police officer.”  A June 2009 blog post from the United States Park Police identifies her as a new Park Police officer.

The narrative on the police report describes the incident as follows:

C-1 reports while in the gym of the listed location she sat her purse down with her issued weapon inside. When C-1 took a look in her purse she noticed that her weapon was missing from her purse.

After further investigation by MPD it was found that S-1 had discharged the weapon inside the bathroom in the gym and fled the location.  The suspect then went to a dorm room in Village C of the University where he was located along with the weapon.

The handgun is described as a Heckler & Koch .40 Smith & Wesson.

The primary offense listed is Criminal Possession of a Weapon Without a License.  Theft I and Destruction of Property (less than $200) were listed as the secondary and tertiary offenses, respectively.

The report lists the price of the destroyed toilet bowl as $250.00.

The report says the incident began at 10:21 p.m. Friday night and ended at 10:25 p.m. The report was filed at 1:35 a.m. on Saturday.

UPDATE 9:19 PM: Officer Clanton declined to comment.

UPDATE 9:47 PM: Sergeant David Schlosser, a Park Police spokesperson, said he does not think Clanton was on duty at Midnight Madness. He added that officers are allowed to carry their government weapons off-duty in certain circumstances, and said the Park Police will investigate the incident.

Schlosser also valued the Heckler and Koch gun at $800 to $1,000, making the theft of the gun a felony.

Reporting by Galen Weber and Will Sommer.

17 Comments on “Gun used in Midnight Madness shooting was taken from US Park Police officer, MPD report shows

  1. Number 1 – Why does she have a gun at Midnight Madness?
    Number 2 – Why did she not have it on her person in a holster, instead of in her purse, where it could easily be stolen, just like it was in this incident?

  2. It just seems so incredibly elementary and basic to put your gun in a holster. But, if you really feel compelled to carry your LOADED gun in your purse, why would you even put your purse down?

  3. Right! Only relevant question-Why do you take the gun from someone’s purse (or holster, or hand, or anywhere at all), under any circumstances?

  4. We shouldn’t prejudge the case. Maybe the water-gnomes in the toilet were stealing something precious of his, he had to take the law into his own hands. Then flee the scene.

  5. Have you read a blog lately? This is what you, the blog-reading public, ask for. Maybe 10 years ago, a news source would have waited til they were 111% sure of every fact before publishing. But nobody does it that way any more, so shut yourself up. If you don’t like it, don’t read blogs… and not just this one.

    Hope your late night in the Hoya office is going well. What makes that paper so self-conscious when compared to the other ones, like the Voice, and believe it or not, the Independent, which has every reason to be self-conscious?

  6. Dear Anonymous, you are obviously a Voice staffer and your comment only goes to show that it is the Voice, not the Hoya, that has a self-conscious complex. No one said anything about the Hoya, yet you jump to bashing the Hoya because someone was bold enough to point out the poor job of reporting that this blog has gained a reputation for. You also admitted that this blog is often inaccurate, and don’t seem to care. Blogs, with their sensationalist and often innacurate “reporting”, are becoming the downfall of the modern media, something that Juliana Brint and her crew haven’t seemed to learn despite attending one of the best universities in the country.

  7. @Re: Dear Anonymous, for your information, Voice staffers use their full names when posting on the blog, and have their name as a link to the Georgetown Voice website, so I highly doubt that Dear Anonymous is a Voice staffer.

  8. Regardless of who you think is right.. take note.. we’re having this discussion on the Voice blog, because we all came here for the latest word on the story. And the Hoya’s updated story reads very closely to this blog post.

  9. I can’t believe people on this blog are blaming the cop for this (2 comments already). Most properly socialized people who had proper parenting, when they see a gun unattended, would leave it alone. Seriously, this freshman 17 year-old is an idiot. Rather than getting laid and productively venting his freshman frustrations, this idiot stole a gun and intended to shoot something just like a middle school boy would play with fire. We all did stupid things our freshman year, but none of us have ever done anything so stupid and dangerous that could harm other Hoyas. Georgetown MUST expel him.

  10. I think it goes without saying that the freshman idiot is beyond stupid. I heard he’s expelled for sure? But it is absolutely ABSURD that the cop left her gun unattended. I hope she gets fired. You can’t make mistakes like that as a cop. We’re lucky this fool ended up shooting a toilet bowl and not a person.

    Additionally, I’m really curious to know if this guy was on drugs of some sort? I understand he was drunk, but I don’t know that that explains his behavior. Surely you’d have to be tripping on acid to do something like this. He shot a toilet bowl. WTF. Did he think he wouldn’t get caught?

    Well, idiot freshman. I hope it was worth it. You got expelled from Georgetown for shooting a toilet bowl. Biggest epic fail of your life.

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  12. Anonymous, I would sincerely hope that most people who see an unattended gun wouldn’t leave it alone! If someone saw a loaded gun sitting unwatched and unattended as it seemed to be at a largely attended event such as Midnight Madness (which I did not attend), I would hope somebody would have found a Public Safety officer or a responsible authority figure (perhaps a uniformed) police officer to take care of the situation. Of course, I don’t know how concealed the weapon actually was, so if this Alex character is also a kleptomaniac in addition to all of this, that’s opens up a whole new can of worms.

  13. If the Park Police Officer was MPD, she’d be on her way to being shitcanned right now. One thing that PP General Orders probably state is that while in possession of your weapon you must have it in an approved holster on your person. I sure as hell know MPD General Orders state that.

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