Remix Your Weekend: Notorious BIG/Miley and Duck Sauce

Just ‘cause the weather is reminding us that winter is fast approaching, doesn’t mean that sick beatz and pump-up tunez can’t keep our spirits up during these dismal days. The tracks that will help with rainy day blues are a viral mash of “Party and Bullshit” with “Party in the USA,” and a funky single from A-trak and Armand Van Helden under the pseudonym Duck Sauce.

I came across the Biggy/Cyrus mash earlier this week and instantly all my senses were elated: the ubiquitous pop-sensation/party starter qualities of “Party in the USA” mixed with the father of  gangster rap is almost too good to be true (even if it’s borderline sacrilegious). Some may try to stand up and say the Ratatat remix for “Party and Bullshit” is better, but that is absolute anti-conformist horse-hokey.

There is only one problem with this track: masher Hathbanger, the mind who is allegedly behind the tune, has no other mashes or remixes that come close to this quality (which makes me wonder about the authenticity of authorship). Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come, and not just a one-hit mash-wonder from this DJ.

Next up is a single from Duck Sauce, the collaborative effort of A-trak and Armand Van Helden. The song, “Anyway,” takes us right back to 70’s disco (if you watch the music video you may think it was actually produced back then, but do not be fooled). Starting off with a looped vocal, the DJ duo break fairly quickly into disco-inferno that almost forces you to move that baby maker.

So there you have it: an awesome party starter mash-up and a sweet disco-time machine mix from two of the biggest DJs out there ; if that can’t brighten your weekend, honestly, I don’t know what can.

5 Comments on “Remix Your Weekend: Notorious BIG/Miley and Duck Sauce

  1. I can’t decide if this is sacrilege or the second coming of Christ.

  2. Bahahaha, I agree 120%. I still have big hopes for dropping this at a party and watching the reactions, my predictions will be cries of joy mixed with cries of pain (from both Miley and Biggy supporters)

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