NBA star Ron Artest’s inexplicable, heavily-auto-tuned ode to Georgetown Girls

By releasing the single “Georgetown Girl” this past March, NBA star Ron Artest managed to catch the attention of some Hoyas for a reason other than his erratic behavior and fiery temperment. Now Artest, who famously started the 2004 Pacers-Pistons Brawl when he leapt into the stands to attack a taunting fan, has released a music video to accompany the single.

“Georgetown Girl” was a collaboration with Houston based artist Kyleon, but Hoyas can be forgiven if they were ignorant of Artest’s musical ambitions. His first album, My World, which was released in 2006 on his record label Tru Warier, never made it on to the charts and was mostly ignored by critics.

While Kyleon’s lines are decent, he graces the track only at the beginning. Excessive auto-tune renders Artest’s pining vocals unrecognizable, and his lyrics lack anything remotely resembling complexity.

The music video brings precious little insight into the meaning of the song. Featuring about half a dozen young women, some of whom are clad Georgetown jerseys, the video is superficial and unexciting. The auto-tuned Artest simply goes through the standard rapper motions: canoodling with one of the Hoya-supporting honeys, rolling around in a large black Escalade, et cetra.

What Artest means by a “Georgetown Girl” and why he feels compelled to rap about her remains unclear. Artest did not attend Georgetown himself, and he does not appear to have any specific fondness for female Georgetown students. The most likely explanation is that this is just another puzzling result of Artest’s eccentric nature.

Either way, Vox will take The Chimes’ rendition of “Georgetown Girl” over Artest’s any day.

8 Comments on “NBA star Ron Artest’s inexplicable, heavily-auto-tuned ode to Georgetown Girls

  1. good thing the girls in this video are highly representative of the typical georgetown girl.

  2. 1. I haven’t seen the part of Georgetown where this was filmed.
    2. Where is the sexy jersey section of the bookstore? Second floor?

  3. Invite him to come to sing on campus this semester. Maybe when the Lake Show comes to play the Wizards, he comes and sings at Gtown. Its better than no one.

    Get it done GPB.

  4. And the girl that the Chimes sing about is also highly representative of the typical Georgetown girl? i think not.

    @Dan, I did notice the weird capitalization, but they are inconsistent. At the end of the video, they use “Georgetown.” Also quite possible he is referring to a difference Gtown, but they clearly are using our threads!

  5. @Dan
    I’m from Georgetown, Texas. I can assure you he is not singing about us, nor was the video filmed in Texas. As a side note, if the girls in Georgetown looked like that, I never would have left.

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