Twuesday Tweetacular: Midnight Madness mania!

Midnight Madness - never complete without gunfire from a drunk freshman! Wait...Nick Rakowski thought our totally unremarkable Midnight Madness was par for the course.

@IAMFREE15 saw yall doing thriller last night...toooooooooooooooo funnyJessie Sapp was highly amused with his former teammates’ Thriller routine.

I have this feeling that the guy who robbed Cosi was a member of the CorpBen Goldhaber has a hunch that Sunday’s robbery is sandwich rivalry related.

Student Guarding at Copley and dealing with parents who are quite insistent that it is, in fact, Gaston Hall.Adam Talbot found that parents just don’t understand the difference between Neo-Gothic and Flemish Romanesque.

We are four white kids, a little too seriously pumped about the upcoming hoops season. We are Gtown. Perry accurately summed up this year’s Midnight Madness pump-up video.

2 Comments on “Twuesday Tweetacular: Midnight Madness mania!

  1. Dear Ben,
    Just because our lattes are so killer doesn’t mean our employees are…

  2. Kudos for actually knowing that Healy is Flemish Romanesque and Copley is Neo-Gothic!

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