Philly P takes its battle with the ANC to Facebook

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past few days and you’re friends with anyone at Georgetown, you’ve probably noticed the rapidly growing “KEEP PHILLY PIZZA FROM GETTING SHUT DOWN” group pop up in your newsfeed.

The group, started by Alex Carroll (COL ’11), who has done on-campus marketing for the pizza joint in the past, the group’s description claims that “[The] ANC is threatening to close down Philly Pizza, so they need our help to continue business. We need a 1,000 people to join this group for them to stay alive!”

And they’re well on their way to the 1,000 member mark.  The group was just started on Sunday evening and already has more than 870 members.

According to Carroll, one the owners of Philly P, Matt Kocak, told him that the ANC is pushing to make them close earlier, around 11 p.m., which would be a significant blow to their business.

Kocak asked Carroll to create the Facebook group so that he could demonstrate to the ANC that his business has student support.

The Voice recently covered the testy relations between Philly P and the ANC, and it seems tensions have only mounted in the past few weeks.  Look for more about the current dispute in this week’s paper!

11 Comments on “Philly P takes its battle with the ANC to Facebook

  1. Wouldn’t it be better to record the number of customers that come in after 11? The total number probably won’t sway the ANC into getting PP to shut its doors earlier. Not that a facebook group would do much to sway the ANC in any case, I would assume…

  2. So let me get this straight. The neighbor’s want Philly P to close earlier b/c they don’t like drunk students on their street in the middle of the night.

    In order to prove why it should stay open, the restaurant proceeds to rally support from…all of the students who pledge to show up drunk in the middle of the night?

  3. I’ve got an idea! Why doesn’t Alex Carroll, who I take it is a paid flack for Philly Pizza, arrange for the “restaurant” to have free pizza and beer for everybody on the street out front some night around 3:00 am.

    They could invite the Mayor, the ABC investigators, the ANC, and some GU administrators who could see what the impact is on the folks who actually live near there. Maybe they could set up some porta-potties too.

    Doesn’t sound any worse than the current plan.

  4. Yeah, Matt doesn’t seem to have a winning idea here.

    The simple fact is that they are operating under zoning restrictions that compel them to get most of their business from sit down patrons (it’s something like 75%). They’re clearly not complying with that. If they want to continue to be a take-out joint, they’ll have to apply for a zoning waiver. Any time you want a waiver from zoning, the BZA is perfectly within its rights and responsibilities to consider the effect the waiver would have on the neighbors. In this situation, they are already demonstrating the negative effect that granting a waiver would have. They’re clearly going to lose. 1,000 students demanding their right to get pizza on the way home from the bars is not going to change that, except to make the decision even easier.

  5. Neighbors should be more accommodating and students should meet in the middle, Phillys should admit wrongdoing and fix some of their issues. But that won’t happen, of course.

    Tuscany’s stock now rated as a “buy”…

  6. Philly P should move back closer to campus. Moving farther away was a critical error.

  7. Students want to eat pizza at night? Balderdash! I didn’t move into a neighborhood next to a 220 year old university to have to see STUDENTS eating PIZZA at NIGHT!!!!!1!!

    When I was in college, students would never even think about getting pizza, especially at night, because we all used to be in bed no later than 7:30 PM. Don’t you realize that Georgetown is for cranky old people? The only businesses we need in Georgetown are extremely expensive furniture stores, overpriced groceries, and nineteen different Italian “men’s clothing” outlets (you know.. the ones where the suit in the window never changes) that are definitely not fronts for mob activity.

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