Issue Rundown: Georgetown, comedy hotbed

Cover 10/22In this week’s Feature, Sean Quigley explores Georgetown’s comedy culture.  Despite lukewarm support from the administration, Georgetown has somehow managed to produce more than its fair share of comedic heavyweights, including Jim Gaffigan (MSB ’88), Mike Birbiglia (COL ’00), Nick Kroll (COL ’01), Mitch Hurwitz (COL ’85), and Bradley Cooper (COL ’97).

The comedy alums recount many tales of administrative uncooperativeness, but as Mike Lavoie put it, “I think being at Georgetown weeds out the artists who don’t want to truly be artists because they make it so difficult to do anything.”

The Editorial Board wonders why the University didn’t use the HOYAlert text message system after the shooting at Midnight Madness.

In News, Eric Pilch and Will Sommer have more information about the Midnight Madness shooting and alleged perpetrator Alex Thiele‘s (MSB ’13) preliminary hearing.

Tim Shine discusses the unbearable lightness of being a Yankees fan in Sports.

In Leisure, Brendan Baumgardener brings you a guide to Georgetown’s best coffee choices.

Kate Imel takes you inside the world of Texan debutantes in Voices.

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