Updates on Taylor Price’s lawsuit against Mr. Smith’s

Mr. Smith's

Last month, Georgetown student and wheelchair user Taylor Price (MSB ’10) filed a lawsuit against M Street bar Mr. Smith’s, claiming discrimination and seeking $75,000 in compensatory damages.  So how’s the case going?

Earlier this month, the parties jointly filed for and were granted an extension of the due date for Mr. Smith’s response to the suit, according to the most recent court documents for the case.  The extension was requested because lawyers for Price and Mr. Smith’s are “currently engagaged in discussions to explore the possibility of settlement.”

According to the court documents (which can be found in full after the jump):

Counsel for Plaintiff and counsel for Mr. Smith’s both agree that these settlement discussions may resolve this action in its entirety.

Thus, it is in the interest of judicial economy and in an effort to conserve party resources that counsel seek an extension of the time within which Mr. Smith’s may file a responsive pleading.

Mr. Smith’s response would have been due October 7th, but since the extension was granted it is now due November 7th.

When asked about the status of the case, Price responded in an e-mail, “There is nothing significant to report at this time, but there may be soon.”

Check out the full court document after the jump!

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  1. Please do keep us up to date on this. I’m really glad the lawsuit is moving forward.

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