Remix Your Weekend: The Cool Kids/Hey Champ, Public Enemy, and Deadmau5

This weekend’s songs may not be mash-ups per se, but as per usual they involve the genre blending skillz, this time from two amazing MC’s: Cool Kids and Public Enemy.

The first track, a collaboration of Cool Kids and Hey Champ, will fulfill your mellow Indie Hop requirements. Though a mellow track, (We are) Champions definitely rox sox: a slow indie chorus and instrumental mixed with MF Doom-esque raps of Cool Kids at the very least makes heads bob, even if kids won’t break it down to this track.

Track numero dos will initially sound super familiar to almost everyone, seeing as it’s a Public Enemy collab with Stephen Stills (the song was re-recorded by Stills for this song, not mashed by a DJ). Another chilled out track, Public Enemy drops a quasi-existential tune about who has, “game,” (“He has game, she has game, I got game… but fuck the game if it ain’t sayin’ somethin’”).

Finally, a mash of Deadmau5 (even if people say this as “Deadmau-five, I have it on good authority that it’s Deadmaus, get it straight) and’s vocals from “In Da Ayre,” that will no doubt rock your world.

What more is there to say? These tracks (for the most part) may not be on the same level of cray-cray as last week, but they are unarguably money songs, nonetheless. Hope everyone loves the hip-hop blends and the Deadmau5 mash, and has a scrumdidilyumtious weekend.

(P.S. Bonus Track that can’t be downloaded: Lady Gaga’s new track, Alejandro, has been leaked, but the man took it off the ‘net, so here’s a venue where you can still listen to it, but not DL it, sadly.)

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