Yet another reason not to watch Jay Leno

This clip from last night’s Jay Leno Show, in which an actor sporting a Georgetown Hoyas sweatshirt pretends to be a mentally handicapped guy imitating Man vs. Wild in his backyard, raises a number of questions: What about this is remotely funny? Why is Jay Leno still on television? Who watches this? And, most importantly, why’d you have to bring that innocent Georgetown sweatshirt into it, Jay?

Via HoyaTalk.

6 Comments on “Yet another reason not to watch Jay Leno

  1. Did any of you watch when Leno was grilling Kanye about the whole Taylor Swift incident, and then ask him if his mother would have been proud? That is definitely a touchy subject for him and I couldn’t believe he went there. I think he even broke some tears.

  2. Theres a reason why this is the least watched show at 10 pm on the major networks. But the actor’s name is Kyle Dunnigan, whose best known for playing a bit role on Reno 911. Whether he went to Georgetown or not is beyond me.

  3. So who wants to fill in the blank- A Georgetown student what?

    A. Posts a job opening to be his personal assistant because his life is so busy working as a personal assistant at Morgan Stanley,
    B. Drunkenly steals a gun from a police officer and shoots a toilet, then says an African-American stranger handed him the gun,
    C. is mentally challenged and shoots a fake man vs. wild video in his own backyard,
    D. All of the above.

  4. I really don’t understand. He has to be making a point here because he didn’t just randomly throw on that sweatshirt. Someone should complain! So rude.

  5. I didn’t even need a new reason not to watch, but it’s good to have this, just in case I accidentally almost watch.

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