Jack DeGioia or Superhero? A Vox Quiz!

DeGioia BatmanDeGioia’s secret alter-ego exposed!

It’s pretty clear from this week’s cover that a lot of Georgetown’s faculty, staff, and students have a very high opinion of President John DeGioia. The majority of the people I spoke to for the cover see him as an able manager, a caring leader, and to some extent, a visionary.

The following are a list of quotes about either DeGioia or various superheroes, as spoken by sources for this week’s cover or fictional characters, respectively. Can you pick out which are about DeGioia and which are about fictional characters with superhuman powers?

1) ¬†“We don’t see him often. But we know he’s there, and we’re always talking about him. How are you always there without being there?”

2) “He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector.”

3) “He understands that to whom much is given, much is required.”

4) “With great power comes great responsibility.”

5) “Virtually everything that we do that you see here, he created.”

Find out who said what after the jump!

1) Josh Guzman (SFS `10), the co-chair of the student life working group (of the diversity working groups), on DeGioia

2) Commissioner Gordon on Batman in the 2008 summer blockbuster The Dark Knight

3) Anthony Arend, former chair of the Main Campus Executive Faculty, on DeGioia

4) Uncle Ben on Spiderman

5) Vice President for Strategic Affairs Daniel Porterfield on DeGioia

Graphic by Juliana Brint.

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